Monday, May 19, 2008

the ultimate catwalker ever exist on the runway...

naomi campbell

gisele bundchen

tyra banks

carmen kass

christy turlington

your choice?!??!?


  1. Thanks for being at my blog.
    Yours is nice.
    I'll come back.
    Feel free to visit me.

  2. Black gladiator? Play safe huh.
    I luv the black Gucci.
    Wl not be around until friday. C yah

  3. I think Naomi
    she has the attitude!

  4. hi sweetie!

    thanks a lot for adding me!
    you are amazing, love your blog!
    i don´t know why, but i can´t see the images...anyway...
    i am in love, since for a long time, for carmen kass style. she is so beaufiful and have a face so expressive...

    gisele is good too, but i would say that just because she is from brazil...where i am from :)

    a kiss!

  5. I love Tyra and Naomi is not a bad runway model either. Shalom Harlow and Yasmin ghurahi and Yasmin Warsame were also great runway models.

  6. There's a runway model that no-one can hold a candle to. her Name is Lu Sierra. check out click on training and look at the first video clip from the MTV made episode.