Monday, June 29, 2009

this blog has move!

i decide to move this blog...
won't deleted this blog though...

new blog!

hope to see you all in my new blog!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 outrageous runway moment.....oh my...

love natasha!

we've seen jessica stam fall in chloe show...kamila in vivienne westwood fall twice!, lara stone fell on her ass in lagerfeld show..
but.....this is new..

most nerve wracking show.. it has to be prada spring summer 2009 milan...
we shud put miucciu in those heel.....
there's also girl tripping during finale...because of the...


prada girl reportedly has losing grip to their 6-inch! snakeskin platform heels because they wore them with socks!
but here's the funny twist...
we actually love prada shoes..right ladies?

poor girl...katie fogarty..she's 16..

jessica stam also ALMOST fell on her ass! remember her falling in chloe show?

the rest of the girl....
looking nervous while walking on the runway...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

lara for calvin klein cosmetic

this one really work for me!

never thought lara can be such a great beauty girl!

source: calvin

* ** i work my ass of to get all picture in this blog...mind giving me a credit if you wanna use it!...
thank you!

dsquared f/w...lara stone in da house!!!!

amazing pic shot by photographer duo..mert&marcus! one can rock this campaign better than lara stone!

after eugenia volodina..
lara stone has become one of my fav girl in the industry!
i love eugenia because of her walk!
and lara in the other hand ..
pretty much not a catwalker..she had a wobbly(did i get it right?? heheh) walk...
i'm wondering...ape sebab i minat dier?
maybe her pic kot? kan??
hurmm..whatever.. i just love her!


gucci pre fall

featured> anja rubik...
with so many model of the moment..
anja still getting her own "space"...
and again...she looks better with long hair..
(it's just my taste! suke ladies berambut pnjang!)


Andi Muise - Brandon R Dwyer Campaign 2009

different looks for her..
personally.. prefer her with long gorgeous locks!
nampak macam retarded kind of look kan ladies???
hurmm tapi sebab andi ni pon lame x muncul dgn campaign..
so i'm glad to see her WORKING!

Friday, June 26, 2009

karen elson:> chanel cruise 2010 ad campaign!

outfit perfetc.. but i'm not crazy about the styling.. makeup and everything!

Gap Design Editions Summer 2009

model of the moment just being them! love it!

emanuela vs gracie...ding* ding*

gracie carvalho and emanuela de paula

they do have similarities aren't they?
but gracie kinda have liya kebede feature too!
hurmmm...can't decide! love both of them!

which one is your favourite?
emanuela de paula
gracie carvalho free polls


It was expected and now, the sad and inevitable has happened.

Farrah Fawcett passed away Thursday morning in California.

The beloved TV icon was surrounded by family and friends at St. Joseph Health Center in Los Angeles.

Facett, a devout Catholic, was given her last rites by a priest yesterday.

The Charlie's Angels alum bravely battled cancer for the last several years.

She was 62 years old.

In our hearts and minds, though, she lives on forever and will be remembered in that iconic swimsuit flashing that mega-watt smile.

Our condolences to her family and friends and everyone who was touched by her work, her life and her spirit.


i'm sad.....really love her...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

jill sander s/s 09:> natasha poly

found this while clearing my lappy...
beautiful...aren't they?

christy turlington for bally fall 09/10

shot by mario sorrenti

kroes for bazaar us july 09

after joining vs, her body seems a lil bit fuller than before...
well no more show after show in fashion week right doutzen?
shot by terry richardson...oh my....

vogue germany: julia stegner!

softer and gorgeous!
one of the girls that can conquer both..
commercial and high fashion...

*** for the cover.. she's wearing balmain...simply beautiful!