Friday, June 12, 2009

nicole kidman for us vogue..july issue

kinda hated it...what about you?


  1. For me, 'hated' is much too strong a word. I wasn't a total fan, however the spectacle of the whole thing did blow me away (having seen it on the big screen) and the beautiful shots of the gorges and desert were really epic. Maybe you have to live in Australia to completely appreciate the story the film is telling? Or at least be absorbed in this world to understand the underlying themes that don't come out all that strongly to those who arent familiar with it. Despite it not being a favourite, I still give it a thumbs up.

  2. honey**
    thanks for dropping by!
    about nicole cover's for vogue..
    i just find her looking too plain..
    i've seen her like this million times..
    it looks like elle magazine covers.. but it's not entirely her fault!