Tuesday, September 9, 2008

moss in vogue uk

her in the cover for oct issues.....
honestly....."real" kate without heavy styling...is quite......
scary...errkkkkk sorry....


  1. I have to agree with you...I wouldn't say she looks scary per se...But I've never really understood the hype about Kate Moss.

  2. she is so wonderfull in this editorial.
    it is a octobar cover, but the cover brings up that end of the summer vibe.
    i cant believe that kate can bring so much to the photo over and over again.
    i love her for leting photographers shot her naked, with no make up, i love her versatility, love ther
    that she is older, that she has problems, that she is "one of us".
    and from the all freash faces that we see around, she is the freshest from them all.

  3. p.s. i don't understand the hype around a.deyn