Sunday, July 6, 2008

maddison gabriel-controversy brought her to the top??!?

maddison is a young australian fashion model who serve as official ambassador of Gold Coast Fashion Week in 2007....
and that time she's just 13!.......
and in three months time she's turning 14......

another "it" girl from down under....
i seriously think so...

maddison reportedly has just been signed with elite models management in new york
and will flown to usa during christmas....

let's just wait and freaking see!...

source: models blog


  1. Hey, just want to say i love the Burberry ad campaign in the previous post, i love love love it! Great post :)

  2. she is too young, but really beautiful!!

    a kiss!!

  3. Yeh. It was a huge deal in Australia. She was just 12 when she was chosen to walk the catwalk at the Gold Coast Fashion Week.
    She looks 5 years older!!!
    And yes, I think she is very young. She'll need heaps of support if she's to pursue international modeling at such a tender age..with the anorexia problems, demanding work hours, travelling and all.

  4. U r a fashion addict ! If u want, I invite u to come to see some of the most beautiful heels, dresses and bags of the Paris fashion week !

    See u !

  5. I don't think she's anything special
    but then again it's sick for me to say so because who IS anything special at 13?
    Poor girl
    she really needs to wait a few years. Thirteen... unbelievable.

  6. she's not terribly unique (but she is most likely still growing/changing!) but she does look so much older than she actually is

  7. The latest 'SuperStar' to hit the Top Modeling scene is 12yo lakshmi camila colombero, who made her debut in Argentina a few months ago at the age of 11.

    At 178cm in height and of 36/24/36" build Camila certainly became noticed by the media and modeling circles as being mature in appearance and stature for her age of 11 years and her distinct look ideal for Teen Fashion Modeling.

    Whilst Top Modeling ambitions are high on Camila's agenda articles and family interviews show that major emphasis is still placed on her education and other interests which include a great love of dance.

    Camila's interests are handled via the Hadra Modeling Agency in Argentina, who ensure that the right placements and 'Age Appropriate' work are found for her.

    I have read much comment online relating to the ages of such Models, but, in a world where Child/Teen Obesity and Underage Pregnancy are major issues should we not be addressing our own morals and standards before questioning the rights and wrongs of young talents who aspire to achieve more?

  8. isn't anyone concern that scrawny underdeveloped 13 year olds are now setting the beauty standards for grown women? i think it is insane to use pre pubescent girls to demonstrate the ideals of appearance and stature for those of us who have gone through puberty.