Sunday, June 22, 2008

tyra banks wins emmy!!!

finally...her hard work has actually pays off.....
"The Tyra Banks Show" won the Daytime Emmy Award for
outstanding informative talk show in
Hollywood Friday night....
good for tyra.....

i'm a big fan of tyra....and please don't hate me...hehhehe
she thanks her momma for always being at her side...
and praised Oprah Winfrey for being her inspiration......

congrats tyra!!


  1. Oh gawd, the world is really coming to an end!

    But seriously, there is not other shows to compete with. I don't even know why they bother with three separate categories for this award.

  2. please don't hate me!!! hehehe for liking antm.....

  3. Haha Tyra is crazy. It's almost as though her being obviously insane is part of her appeal.
    I do enjoy America's Next Top Model...! I admit it.